CWEA – AC20 Speakers Needed

The CWEA Community Engagement and Outreach Committee is looking for three individuals who can speak on a panel at the Annual Conference, which will take place in Reno on March 31 to April 3. The panel discussion is entitled “Keep Cool in the Hot Seat by Being Prepared”.

 The panel will discuss the “Dos” and “Don’ts” of dealing with the press and public, as well as, discuss how to be prepared in advance of an emergency.

Panel speakers interested in volunteering for this discussion, should have some experience in dealing with the local press, (i.e. newspaper, radio, television, bloggers) as well as the general public. It is not required that this person be a communications or outreach professional. The committee is also looking for a member of the media, or someone who has previously worked as a member of the media, who can also sit on the panel.

Below is a description panel discussion. If you are interested in sitting on the panel or know of someone who is please let us know asap by contacting either Angela Lowery at or Roni Gehlke at

Description of 50 minute panel discussion:

Districts deal with crises from time to time-whether it’s an incident that barely warrants attention or a major event that makes headlines in local newspapers, blogs or posts on social media. When something really bad happens, such as a large sewer overflow causing an environmental mess, the media will come calling. How organizations deal with the blitz could affect the long-term impact of the crisis. An effective and constructive response might help put the District in a positive light during a tough time. An ineffective or antagonistic reaction might make a disastrous situation even worse and can negatively impact the brand and reputation of a district.

This panel discussion will touch on some things organizations “should” and “shouldn’t do” when dealing with the media after a crisis.

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