The San Francisco Bay Section comprises more than 1,400 professionals from all disciplines related to wastewater collection, treatment, reuse and disposal. SFBS members work for public agencies that operate and regulate wastewater system, as well as industry, academia, environmental groups, engineering consultants, and equipment operators.

The SFBS is a forum for wastewater-industry people to share information, experiences and opinions. As a tax-exempt educational organization, the Section is committed to enhancing the professional knowledge and status of its members. The section also endeavors to improve the public’s knowledge and understanding of water pollution control.

The SFBS was founded in 1947. Within CWEA, the water facilities associated with the SFBS are those in Alameda and Contra Costa counties, the City and County of San Francisco, and San Mateo County north of an east-west line extending from Alameda County’s southern boundary. However, SFBS membership is open to anyone involved, directly or indirectly, with collection, treatment, reuse and disposal of domestic and industrial wastewater. The section’s membership includes treatment plant operators, mechanics, and supervisors; regulatory agency staff; engineers; manufactures; suppliers; educators and students; chemists; biologists, and source-control inspectors and technicians.

The Section’s monthly meetings typically include a facility tour, social hour, dinner, and a presentation on a topic of professional interest. Members also participate in an annual picnic and occasional group attendance at sporting events. The annual meeting, held in January, includes presentation of awards which recognize achievement, by individuals and agencies, in various parts of the wastewater field.