Collection Systems


The Collection Systems Committee is comprised of volunteers from local agencies/districts that hold bi-monthly workshops to share training related to the wastewater collection systems maintenance, design, operations and inform attendees of Federal, State and Local regulations.

The committee’s bi-monthly meetings focus on items related to day-to-day operations, critique of past training classes, plan future classes, provides support and share information to members, and discuss Federal, State and Local regulations.

For more information, please contact the Committee Chair:

Christopher Brown (aka, “Country”)
Ora Loma Sanitary District
2655 Grant Ave
San Lorenzo, CA 94580
(510) 276-4700

Committee Positions Effective April 28, 2016:    

Chair: Christopher Brown
Vice Chair: Tyree Jackson
Secretary: Paul Seitz
Assistant Secretary: Dennis Lambert
Treasurer: Rick Orta
Historian: Tom Edwards
Past Chair: Paul Louis
Mentors: Walter Lunn (Ret.), Lenny Rather, Paul Louis (Ret.), Vince Falzon
Reservations: Patricia DeRouen
Vendor Liaison: Thomas Johnson
SFBS Liaison: Dennis Lambert
Safety Liaison: Larry Olivan
Site Admin / IT Lackey: Dennis Lambert

Committee Members: 
Gordon Times
Rex Adams
Andy Dobbs
Rick Horne
Mark McGrath
Al Swithenbank
Gordon White
Manuel DelToro
Mark DAmbra
Clevelend Porter
Tony Jones
Dennis Wright
Jeff Cook
Lani Good
Dante Marchetti
Mike Wells

3T Equipment Company, Inc.
Dukes Root Control, Inc.
Restoration Management
Servicemaster Restoration Services
WECO Industries


January 18th TCP City of Oakland / Joaquin Miller Park
February 1st Committee Meeting OLSD / San Lorenzo
February 15th Specialty Conference Dublin
March 15th CHP, Paving and Traffic Controls Union Sanitary District
April 5th Committee Meeting City of Hayward
April 25-28 CWEA Annual Conference 2017 Palm Springs
May 17th Committee Meeting City of San Leandro
June 7th Easement Maintenance, Syphon Cleaning,
SSO and Spill Mitigation
Service Master – Concord
July 21st CWEA SFBS Golf Tournament San Leandro
July 29-30 CWEA Mid-Summer Conference Morro Bay
August 2nd Committee Meeting USD / Union City
September 20th Rodding, Hydro, CCTV and Construction Techniques CCCSD / Walnut Creek
October 4th Committee Meeting City of Oakland
November 15th Leadership, Building a Better Worker City of Antioch
December 6th SFBS CS Planning Meeting England’s / San Leandro
January 17, 2018 TCP City of Oakland / Joaquin Miller Park

(Dates and times are subject to change)

If there are any topics related to training that you would like for us to consider, please submit them to the committee at:

Local News:Here are some of the highlights from the bi-annual collection system vendor fair that was held on June 6, 2012.