Board Nominations

Greetings, CWEA San Francisco Bay Section members!

As we approach the end of the year, it is time to look forward to 2017 and elect new members to your CWEA San Francisco Bay Section Board of Directors (Board). We are looking for two new board members for 2017 – 2nd Year Director and Treasurer.

2nd Year Director

2nd Year Director is a five-year position on the Board starting as 2nd Year Director in 2017 (the 1st year on the Board) then progressing to being the President in the fourth year and Past President on the last year. The five-year progression is listed below:

  1. First as 2nd Year Director / Secretary (for year 2017)
  2. Then as 1st Year Director / Program Chair (for year 2018)
  3. Then as Vice President (for year 2019)
  4. Then as Board President (for year 2020)
  5. Then as Past President / Awards Chair (for year 2021)


Historically, Treasurer has been a one-year position on the Board but typically served multiple years and needed to be selected or re-elected each year. The Board has decided to make this a 5-year position starting 2017. In the first year on the Board, the new elected Treasurer will be assisted by the Past Treasurer, who will also remain a Board Member for the year. In the 5th Year of the term, the Treasurer will become a Past Treasurer, and a new Treasurer will be elected.

Serving on the Board is a great opportunity to network with industry professionals, improve your leadership skills and make significant contribution to the wastewater industry. We will open the floor to nominations on December 1, 2016 dinner meeting and ask interested candidates to accept the nominations. Ballots will be sent out on December 2 for voting. Completed ballots must be received by Friday, December 23, 2016. Please contact me ( or any other Board members if you are interested.

Arvind Akela

CWEA-SFBS President

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